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It would be a pleasure to organize for example the following tours and activities for you:

Turtle Tour
Seeing a sea turtle is already an experience, but assisting while they are laying eggs is really unforgettable. We would like to take you with us to experience this natural wonder very close and to learn more about the life of the sea turtles.

Canoeing in the National Park
A canoe trip though the canals of the Tortuguero National Park is an experience you should not miss during your stay. We bring you into the heart of the national park, into the small canals (prohibited for motorboats) so that you can see the fauna and flora as close as possible.
Walking tour through the National Park
Walking through the rainforest of the national park is another must in Tortuguero. A walk on the trails of the National Park takes us deep into the rainforest with its inhabitants.

Night tour - the animals do not sleep
A night tour is a unique option to see animals that are hide during the day. The perfect option to complete your impressions of the flora and fauna of Tortuguero.
Discover the village
The village of Tortuguero is safe and easy to discover. But if you want to see more and learn about histories, anecdotes and curios we invite you to discover the village in our company.

For more information regarding the tours please contact us, or have a look on the homepage of our Tourcompany Tortuguero EcoExperiences www.tortugueroecoexperiences.com.

Besides the tours we can also organize Canopy, Relaxing Massages or Transfers from and to Tortuguero... Just let us know what you are looking for!

There is a lot to see and do in the Tortuguero National Park and the village - stroll around the streets, visit the small sea turtle museum, feel the emotion of a local soccer game, relax in the hostel garden or discover the wildlife and nature with different guided tours and activities.